Bahay Collective

Your music Family


Bahay, which translates to “home” in Tagalog, represents a home for all artists. Our collective provides artists the services, tools, and opportunities to achieve their career goals and help them cover all areas of artistic development. All of these services are housed inside the Bahay Collective HQ, which is an actual house, very much tongue-in-cheek with the name of the company. Despite the struggles of pursuing an artistic career, we ensure a welcoming and supportive space for all artists to call their home. 

Co-founded by artist entrepreneurs Lil Waterboi and Mando, Bahay Collective is committed to delivering exceptional services, tools and opportunities for all artists to achieve their goals. Bahay Collective’s origins date from 2019, in which they specialized in concert production and partnering with several organizations, such as KAJ Collective, Blue Skies Turn Black and Bliss, Since then, Bahay Collective has established a compelling name for itself in the local Montreal community.