Not just a studio. Bahay (which stands for “home” in Tagalog) offers artists the tools and opportunity to elevate themselves in every aspect of the industry

Our Values

Rooting for the Underdog

We know the struggle. That’s why we provide local artists with the mentorship, affordable services and resources they need to succeed.

A Studio for All

Bahay Collective Studio A, Room Z and our graphics lab are safe spaces for all, regardless of race, gender, religion or creed. Bahay is our home and all are welcome to visit us.

Collaboration for the Best Results

We believe that the best results are achieved when all parties put in their 100%. At Bahay Collective, we value your passion and match it with our commitment to achieve your vision. From our clients, to our creatives, to the rest of the staff, we make sure that your vision is properly communicated throughout the team.

Thinking Outside the Booth

Not just a studio. Bahay Collective also provides graphic design, marketing and public relations services to help our clients reach that next level. Work with us beyond the music.
From visual identity to music recording to branding and public relations, Bahay Collective offers services that cover all of the areas of artistic development.

Music Production


Public Relations

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